The Year of the Technician Clinical Sonographer

Earlier this year, VPN announced that NAVTA is now recognizing the 16th technician specialty, Diagnostic Imaging (title will be VTS-DI). The diagnostic imaging specialty will include DR, CT, fluoroscopic special procedures, nuclear imaging, MRI and Ultrasound.

This announcement helps reiterate SonoPath's belief that technicians can become exceptional clinical sonographers.

Certified Technicians are historically trained to focus on the most perfect technique, in order to provide the diagnostician with accurate information. This mindset carries over to any diagnostic imaging, including ultrasound.

For example: In DR, they pay attention to collimation, positioning and the best settings.

Leveraging of the veterinary staff is a basic, well documented principle of a profitable hospital and applies to ultrasound as it does to every other duty/skill.

For example: A senior technician performing venipuncture, catheter placement, calculating drug dosages, anesthetic induction and intubation etc, allows them to perform at the highest level legally permitted, thus freeing up the doctor to perform duties only they can do, such as diagnosis, surgery and prescribing.

From a strictly financial standpoint, having a technician perform an ultrasound costs the hospital less per minute than tying up a doctor to perform a diagnostic procedure.

The technician would also be responsible for uploading cases, and what doctor likes to take the time to do that?

Finding the right fit

In our experience, exceptional sonographers tend to share the same qualities. 

Take a look at the list below and be sure to choose your candidate wisely. As a reminder, only a licensed/certified/registered technician is eligible for the VTS in Diagnostic Imaging. However, SDEP® Certification is open to non-credentialed technicians who meet our strict criteria.

Once you've made your selection, send them to our 3-day SDEP (Sonographic Diagnostic Efficiency Protocol®) Ultrasound Training Labs where their learning curve will be RAPID and MAXIMIZED and they will be ready to implement their new skills immediately.

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